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The Cartoons

Ever the innovator, the Hepworth studios produced a number of cartoons using various methods. A list of known cartoons is below, if you are aware of any others please contact this site.

It is notable that many of the films are parodies of Shakespeare's plays - an author that was well represented in many of the films of the company.

The webmaster has seen "Oh'Phelia", which is in colour. The artistry is evident in the film with good continuity and little jerky motion - a fine effort!

Cartoon Films from the Hepworth Picture Plays company, UK

Title and Date Attributed to Other Information Status of Film

Embroidery Extraordinary  (1910)

Hepworth Picture Plays   Unknown
An Adventure in Impland  (1914) Hepworth Picture Plays featuring Cartoonist, Limpy, Lumpy, Limpy's Consort, Lumpy's Consort. Unknown
The Merchant of Venice  (1919) Hepworth Picture Plays

 featuring Antonio, Bassanio, Portia, Shylock.

Oh'Phelia  (1919)   Hepworth Picture Plays featuring cut out animations of 'Amlet, O'Phelia, Laertes, King.

Similar techniques are used on "South Park" today!

Rob Davies wrote an original score for this cartoon, commissioned and performed by Surrey Brass. Other music to accompany Hepworth films has been commissioned by this ensemble.

The film is in good condition and available from the British Film Institute although the colour is faded.

See the Screenonline review - and watch the film too! Recommended.

Romeo and Juliet  (1919)   featuring Romeo, Juliet, Mr. Pussyfoot. Unknown
Amlet  (1919)    

 featuring Hamlet, Horatio, King.

The Taming of the Shrew  (1920)   featuring Othello (Minstrel), Desdemona (Mona). Unknown
Othello  (1920)   featuring Three Little Pigs. Unknown
3 Little Pigs  (1922)     Unknown

Information in this table drawn from The Big Cartoon Database http://www.bcdb.com/ 

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