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The Henry Edwards Tribute Page

High resolution: 	Henry Edwards =  Image copyright Elmbridge MuseumThis page contains details of the celebrated silent film actor, a member of the Hepworth Stock Company.

Arthur Harold Ethelbert Edwards (b. September 18, 1882 in Weston-Super-Mare, UK. d. November 2, 1952 in Chobham, Surrey, UK), screen name Henry Edwards.

Here is Henry's IMDB biography and filmography, and the Screenonline  entry is most informative too.

Henry "Tedwards" Edwards was a major influence on the development of British Cinema.

Henry Edwards was our first major male star in Britain. Henry was a principal actor in the Hepworth Picture Players at the Walton Studios following his earlier career as an stage actor.

Tall, patrician-featured British stage actor Henry Edwards made his first film in 1914. Under the guidance of producer/director Cecil Hepworth, Edwards became one of England's most popular leading men. His most frequent leading lady was Chrissie White, whom he married in 1922.

Celebrated as Britain's answer to Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, Edwards and White co-starred in 22 films, playing everything from aristocrats to the "working poor" with consummate artistry; unfortunately, only two of their features survive. During his stay with Hepworth, Edwards was given the opportunity to direct.

Though he continued starring in such well-received films as The Flag Lieutenant (1926), after 1925 Edwards was best known for his directorial efforts; the best of these included the Boris Karloff melodrama "Juggernaut" (1935) and the Sir Seymour Hicks version of "Scrooge" (1935).

Henry Edwards returned to acting in 1946, essaying small character roles in films like Green for Danger (1946), Oliver Twist (1948) and the all-star The Magic Box (1952).

His wife Chrissie White lived in retirement until 1987; their daughter, Henryetta Edwards, appeared in several films in the 1950s.

References: Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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