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Riverhouse Barn in association with the BFI, Birds Eye View, RC Sherriff Trust and HWM Aston Martin presents a Celebration of Cecil Hepworth’s legacy to Walton-on-Thames

Exhibition: ‘Hepworth Comes Home’ Exhibition at the Robert Phillips Gallery – May 23 – June 10

Multi-media displays about the work of Cecil Hepworth and featuring the story of the lost film of “Helen of Four Gates”, discovered in America just over a year ago, previously thought to have been melted for it’s silver content when Hepworth went bankrupt. The Exhibition will also display photographs and memorablia from the BFI and local collections.

Screenings “Helen of Four Gates” – at the Riverhouse on Friday May 25 and at Walton Everyman Cinema on Saturday May 26

Accompanied by specially commissioned music from the Elysian Quartet – who have worked with the BFI on other silent movies and performed to ‘My Best Girl’ last year at the Riverhouse.

This is the gritty story of a gutsy Yorkshire lass, who suffers domestic violence The actress playing the title role, Alma Taylor, was one of the first to have the title of 'star', Helen's story is based on the real-life experience of its author, Ethel Carnie Holdsworth. She was one of Britain's first authentically working-class novelists, earning international fame with her 1925 book ‘This Slavery’ which was reviewed glowingly everywhere – the then Manchester Guardian called it "remarkable and distinctly original".

Champagne Reception and Talk Sat 26th – Champagne Reception at Riverhouse Barn – with music from Surrey Brass and private view of Exhibition followed by open top Vintage Bus ride around Hepworth ‘s Walton to the Cinema for a Talk by Simon Brown (Kingston University)

 Silent Film Competition

The Film will be preceded by a showing of the Winning Entries of our Silent Film Competition. The Film Competition Details are available in a separate document and from

 Hepworth ‘Antiques Roadshow’ – missing memorabilia!

We are also launching an appeal to locate Hepworth Memorabilia that was sold off when the Nettleford Studios were closed – please let us know by email if you have something of interest to bring – email hepworth@riverhousebarn.co.uk.

For more information email press@riverhousebarn.co.uk

Or Contact Gemma on 01932 254198 or Emily on 07803 168190

List of Memorabilia Donated for the Exhibition

Cecil Hepworth Memorabilia

Came the Dawn (Book) - Memories of a Film Pioneer - Cecil M Hepworth

Photo Album of photographs taken during the filming o “Wuthering Heights” by A V Bramble in the Bronté country.  April, May, June 1920.  Plus 2 loose photographs

Poster The Sunday Society Regent Picture House “The Filming of Wuthering Heights”
(Lantern Illustrations) Sunday 9th October no year shown

Script - John Forrest Finds Himself.  Hepworth Silent Film October 1920

Possible Captions for Hepworth Film Company photographs used for Wendy Hughes Book of Walton on Thames

Cigarette Box “ Presented to Veteran C M Hepworth by President E G Turner to commerate the Jubilee of the Cinematograph and his own Jubilee in the Industry 1896 - 1946

Supplement to Illustrated London News April 17th 1920.   Filming Miss Anna Taylor in a scene from Anna the Adventurous at the Hepworth Studio (original plus copy)

“Mrs Erricker’s Reputation” from the novel by Thomas Cobb produced by Cecil M Hepworth

Walton Film and Television Archive

Various letters: Murray Brazier (not relevant to Hepworth); Dialstone Newsheet of Walton & Weybridge Local History Soc re a talk Fred Lake gave re Cecil Hepworth ((+ 1 copy); F Smalley re ‘Helen of Four Gates” ((+ 1 copy); John Reed Wales Film & Television Archive re Hepworth Company Research (+ 1 copy) Hepworth’s Cabinet Reviews and other Silent Film Activitis;; Letters to and from Bob Geoghegan

RPS Historical Group Newsletter 19 – August 1975.  Alma Taylor A Cinema Genius – Nash’s & Pall Mall Gazette May 1915; Copies of details of Chrissie White ie Date of birth, Date of death; filmography.  The First British Film Star – Chrissie White (1895-1989).; Career of Chrissie White(2) – Esher News & Mail Aug 1989;  Remember Chrissie White (x2); Chrissie White Remembers Hepworth Film Studios in Walton (x3);

Hepworth Picture -Play Paper (Magazines)
Dec 1915 – price 1d Greatest British Picture. Player No 1 Alma Taylor
Jan 1916 – price 1d                                          Player No 2 Stewart Rome
Feb 1916 – missing
Mar 1916 – price 1d                                         Player No 4 Violet Hopson
Apr 1916 - missing
May 1916 – price 1d                                        Alma Taylor
Jun 1916 – price 1d                                          Henry Ainley
Jul 1916 – price 1d                                           Chrissie White
Aug 1916 – missing                                         copy of cover page only
Sept 1916 – price 1d                                       
Oct 1916 – price 1d                                         Violet Hopsen x
Nov 1916 – price 1d                                        2Alma Taylor in some of her chief success
Dec 1916 – price 1d                                         Chrissie White in a few of her biggest success

The Hepworth Magazine
Dec 1920
Jan 1021
Feb 1921
Mar 1921
Apr 2921  x 2
May 1921
Jun 1921
Jul 1921
Aug 1921 x 2
Sept 1921
Oct 1921
Nov 1921
Christmas Number 1921
Jan 1922                                                           Photo and article by Cecil M Hepworth

The Poster Stamp Report included in The Cinderella Philatelist Vol 43 (Oct 2003) ‘Gone and Probably Forgotton Silent Movie Stars’.  Portrait of Cecil Hepworth

Hepworth People with Dates of Films A-Z (original plus copy and handwritten)

Newspaper Article Wednesday 15th March 1997 (“News Shopper”).  Town pays Tribute to
Pioneer of Cinema. 
 Plaque unveiled at Cecil M Hepworth’s birthplace.   17 Somerset Gardens, off Loampit Hill, Lewisham

Small booklet : ‘Souvenir “Barnaby Rudge” containing over 60 photographic reproductions.  One of three booklets photocopied in July 1996s from an original which maybe the only survivor.  Loose stills located st Elmbridge Museum and in a Hepworth Photo Album at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Article from The Cinema January 14th 1915 “Barnaby Rudge” plus several copies.  Souvenir of Britain Greatest Photo Play Banaby Rudge  plus several articles by ‘The Bioscope’ on Barnaby Rudge.

Article on ‘The Chimes – The Bioscope August 17 1914

Picture Frame – English Picture Favourites (Hepworth Sock Co)

Bottom Row: Miss Violet Hopson; Mr E Hay-Plumb(Plummie); Miss Ivy Close; Miss Madge Campbell; Mr Jack Hulcup; Miss Alma Taylor; Mr Alec Worcester; Mrs Marie De Solla.
Top Row: Mr Harry Buss; Miss Flora Morris; Miss Chrissie White; Mr Harry Gilby; Miss Claire Pridelle; Miss Ivy Close; Miss Gladys Sylvani; Mr Harry Royston.

 Box of Photos:  Loose - Albert Chevalier,Louis Calvert (1 of ea); Garrard, Gill, Halston & Leslie Hanson (11 missing Halston & Hanston); Martin Harvey, Miss N De Silva (57); Martin Harvey, Miss N De Silva (42); Martin Harvey, Frank Harvey, Muriel Martin Harvey, Miss De Silva, Plays (49); Photocopies Henry Ainley, Martin Harvey (65); Gwynne Herbert (empty); Violet Hopson & Nicholas Hopson (49 + 1); Lionelle Howard (27); Peggy Hyland (empty); Jean the Dog (1); May-Moore (3); O-P Arthur Roberts (6); Rome-Royston (31); Alma Taylor 1 of 2 (36); Alma Taylor 2 of 2 (34); Florence Turner (16); Chrissie White 1 of 2 (27); Chrissie White 2 of 2 (19); Howett Worcester (1) Fred Wright (6)

Album Photographs of Walton on Thames:  The Centre, Walton on Thames; Hepworth Way Walton on Thames; New Zealand Avenue showing Regal Cinema; Ashley Park, Walton on Thames; The Anglers, Walton on Thames; The Swan Hotel, Walton on Thames; High Street (corner Winchester or Churchfield Road?) Walton on Thames; Ashley Road, Walton on Thames; New Zealand Military Hospital (Mount Felix) Walton on Thames (6); River View of Rosewell’s Boatyard and Walton Bridge; Rosewell’s Boatyard and Walton Bridge, (closer view); View of Backwater from the hospital; View of Rosewell’s Boatyard downwater; View of Rosewell’s Boatyard across the River; The Backwater and River Thames x 4; Walton Brtidge; St Nicholas Church, Shepperton; Church Square, Shepperton x 2;


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