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Hepworth Producers and Directors

This page contains information about the major Producers and Directors working at the Hepworth Film Studios.

At some point there will be enough information available to justify a proper database containing details of every Hepworth film, including Producer, Director, Actors, Location, notes and so forth. This is a massive undertaking. If you could contribute to this please get in touch.

The Big Names

Many of the films credited to Hepworth were in fact the work of his associates Percy Slow and Lewin Fitzhamon, the latter co-directed perhaps Hepworth's most celebrated work 'Rescued by Rover' (1905) as well as other inventive comic films such as 'The Other Side of the Hedge'(1905) and 'That Fatal Sneeze' (1907). Fitzhamon stayed with Hepworth for many years.


Producer Active Credits Comments IMDB
More coming soon        
More coming soon        


Director Active Credits Comments IMDB
Lewin Fitzhamon ("Fitz") 1899-1921 'Rescued by Rover' (1905)

'The Other Side of the Hedge'(1905)

'That Fatal Sneeze' (1907)

"For The Little Lady’s Sake" (1914)

Percy Slow        

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