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Quotes by Cecil Hepworth

See a rather spirited defence of film pricing and quality in 1915 - adouble page spread in Picturegoer

"The whole is better than the part played by a star"

"It is not always the most expensive films that bring the greatest profit. Mere money is no object, either in the spending or the taking."

On Prohibition - "Drink in America has been elevated from the status of a vice to the dignity of a sport!"

"...To me the most remarkable thing about this union [of talking machines and cinematography] is the speed and completeness with which it has been accomplished. Until two or three years ago the high contracting parties were completely aloof from one another, and although from time to time there were rumours of an engagement, it was not until quite recently that the mating took place. Moreover, it would seem that although the marriage appears to have been arranged in America, there is not the remotest likelihood of a divorce... "

Cecil M. Hepworth - British Cinema Pioneer in "The talkies", by "John Scotland"


"There was nothing of courage in what I did. It was always just a lark for me. ... I was suckled on amyl acetate and reared on celluloid".

[Penguin Film Review 8, April 1948]

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