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This page contains references to source material used while compiling this website.
Not wishing to be too pedantic strict attribution of sources is not used.
However this list does provide a shared resource for those interested in research.

If you know of a good resource, please tell us about it.

Links to information about Cecil Hepworth

There is a good history of the Elstree Studios here.

Documentary References

Note that URL references can change so the ones quoted are the ones used at the time.

Ref Title Author Date Source
1 "Came the Dawn" - Memories of a Film Pioneer Cecil Milton Hepworth 1951 London: Phoenix House
2 Animated Photography Cecil Milton Hepworth 1897 London. The first book on the cinema. Two editions, 1897 and 1900.

Animated photography; the A.B.C. of the cinematograph, a simple and thorough guide to the projection of living photographs, with notes on the production of cinematograph negatives. - rev. (1900)

3 The ABC of Cinematography Cecil Milton Hepworth 1897 Pub. London

The first British book on filmmaking covered all aspects of filmmaking, from shooting and developing film to the mechanics of different types of projectors. Hepworth was only twenty-three when the book was published.

4 Photography for Amateurs - a non-technical manual for the use of all Thomas Cradock Hepworth, F.C.S. 1896 (2nd. Ed.) Casell and Company, London
5 British Film Institute     www.bfi.org.uk : A primary resource for all aspects of historical material relating to Cecil Milton Hepworth, his films, and his film company and its stars. It's well worth a visit. Or twenty!
6 The Internet Movie Database Many ongoing IMDB.com
7 Wikipedia   ongoing wikipedia.org
8 Elmbridge Library Records Various various The Elmbridge Museum
9 The Big Cartoon Database Various ongoing http://www.bcdb.com

Scotland, John, pseud.
"The Talkies", by John Scotland, with a foreword by Cecil M.

Cecil Milton Hepworth 1930

London, C. Lockwood and Son, 1930.
xv, 194 p. xxxvi pl. (incl. front., ports.) 19 cm.

(Library of Congress)

11 Penguin Film Review
[8, April 1948]
Cecil Milton Hepworth 1948 Penguin Press. A full article containing detailed reminiscences by CMH.
12 John Lance Company Records: Correspondence relating to Hepworth Picture Plays Ltd.

(Cecil M. Hepworth, F. W. Tims, A. H. Weston)--20.2, 29.1

Cecil M. Hepworth, F. W. Tims, A. H. Weston 192? http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/research/fa/lane.john.corr.html
13 Reference Guide to British and Irish Film Directors      
14 Higson, Andrew, Waving the Flag   1995 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995)
15 Low, Rachael, The History of the British Film 1906-1914 (London: Allen and Unwin, 1973)   1973 (London: Allen and Unwin, 1973)
16 Low, Rachael, The History of the British Film 1918-1929 (London: Allen and Unwin, 1971)   1971 (London: Allen and Unwin, 1971)
17 The Bioscope   ongoing http://bioscopic.wordpress.com/
18 Hove Museum in Church Road, Hove, Sussex     Hove Museum in Church Road, Hove, Sussex. They have a very comprehensive section on the early cinema of James Williamson and G.A.Smith who made such early films in Hove. The collection provides lots of information about equipment, actors, storylines, the local cinemas where the films were shown, and also a rolling programme of some of the films made by this group of film-makers.
19 "Archeology of the Cinema"   1965 C.W.Ceram (Thames & Hudson, 1965) This book not only explains how the moving image developed until it ultimately was recorded on celluloid, but has comprehensive sections on the early British Cinema pioneers.
20 Dorman Hundling Silent Motion Picture Music Archive Drake University, USA 1981- http://www.drake.edu/artsci/Music_Dept/archives/files/hundlingarchive.pdf

The Dorman Hundling Silent Motion Picture Music Archive, founded in 1981 at Drake University, is a significant resource for music written or arranged specifically for cinema moods or action (during the silent era), as well as for popular dance music of the period. The collection contains over 6,000 titles with scores and parts, dating from 1896 to 1928, published in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

21 Inventory of a Collection of Silent Film Music [ca. 1884-1931] Music Division New York Public Library   http://www.nypl.org/research/lpa/mus/pdf/mussilentmus.pdf

Collection of Silent Film Music, [ca. 1884-1931]
Classmark: JPB 92-72
Extent: 12.5 linear ft. (50 boxes)

22 Silent Ladies Photos of Silent Film Stars   ongoing http://www.silentladies.com/Ladies.html
23 Various Sources To be sorted   Dictionary of Film Makers. By Georges Sadoul. Translated, edited,
and updated by Peter Morris. Berkeley, CA: University of California
Press, 1972. Originally published as [Dictionnaire des Cineastes,]
Filmarama. Volume I: [The Formidable Years, 1893-1919.]. Compiled by
John Stewart. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1975.(Film 1)
The Filmgoer's Companion. Fourth edition. By Leslie Halliwell. New
York: Hill & Wang, 1974. Later editions published as [Halliwell's
Filmgoer's Companion.].(FilmgC)
Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion. Seventh edition. By Leslie
Halliwell. New York: Granada Publishing, 1980. Earlier editions
published as [The Filmgoer's Companion.].(HalFC 7)
The Illustrated Who's Who in British Films. By Denis Gifford.
London: Anchor Press, 1978.(IlWWBF)
The Illustrated Who's Who in British Films. By Denis Gifford.
London: Anchor Press, 1978. The 'Biographical Bibliography' section
begins on page 317.(IlWWBF A)
The Oxford Companion to Film. Edited by Liz-Anne Bawden. New York:
Oxford University Press, 1976.(OxCFilm)
Who Was Who on Screen. Second edition. By Evelyn Mack Truitt. New
York: R.R. Bowker Co., 1977.(WhScrn 2)
The World Encyclopedia of the Film. Edited by John M. Smith and Tim
Cawkwell. New York: A. & W. Visual Library, 1972.(WorEFlm)
24 Before 1910: kinematograph experiences ([1936])   1936 PAUL, Robert W (Author) Pamphlet
25   Cecil Milton Hepworth 1948 PAMPHLET Lumiere and the early days of film-making (1948)
26   Cecil Milton Hepworth   ARTICLE My film experiences Reprinted from: Pearson's Magazine, Vol. LIV.
26 "If It Moves, Film It" Avril Landsell, Curator, Weybridge Museum (now Elmbridge Museum) 1973

High resolution: Little Hollywood Poster

This is a fascinating local history compiled from contributions from the family, the stars, employees, and local people together with local historical records. It accompanied an exhibition as advertised above.

It also contains details of another local film-maker, Clifford Spain.

Well worth a read! Thanks to Elmbridge Museum

27 Comin' Through The Rye   7 Feb  2000

Local Actress Hannah Gordon's narrative on "Comin' Through The Rye" (1923), made for a local exhibition.

28 The Electric Arc Light for Lantern Projection ... With a description of the Ross-Hepworth Arc Lamps, and the new patent Eccentrical Carbons, etc. Cecil Milton Hepworth 1897 This book is very obscure and I have never seen a copy of it.
29 National Museum of Photography, Film and Television

The Film Archive Forum

British Film Institute

The Bill Douglas Centre, Exeter

Early Cinema Links (from Charles Urban, Motion Picture Pioneer).

The Magic Lantern Society

Regent Street Polytechnic (History)


These great resources need organising better when more time is available.

30 The National Museum of Cinematography     Started in 1913 with the gift of equipment from the British cinema pioneer Robert W Paul, the collection now contains over 13,000 objects and artefacts. It traces the pre-history and history of cinema, from optical toys, magic lanterns and illusions up to today’s converging motion picture and digital technologies.
31 Online University of Photography ~ Photographic Collections   1880-onwards Thanks to a student of Ms. Sarah Henson, history teacher and magic lantern enthusiast, for drawing this to our attention. This site is a wide ranging resource including numerous online galleries of early photography, film , stereoscopic views, magic lantern slides, and a good section on photographic technology. Some lovely Japanese slides appear in the collection. The material is mostly from the US and does not appear to contain any direct reference to Hepworth in it - unless you can tell us otherwise. However it does provide excellent insight into the state of the art.
32 Surrey History Centre various various The Centre holds several documents of interest together with a film collection.

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