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The Stars

This page contains about the Hepworth Stock Company and the stars of Hepworth films.

The magnificent Internet Movie Database (IMDB) contains a very great deal of information about Hepworth and his films.

Cecil Hepworth was the first British film maker to form a "Stock Company" of actors and actresses with contracts, as Edwardian actor- managers like Henry Irvine and Martin Harvey had done.

Hepworth was also the first to publish souvenir postcards of his people, starting in February 1912. Samples of the studio publicity material are reproduced on this website. Contact us if you would like to offer some for display.

Hepworth names several members of his Stock Company in his Autobiography, and by studying advertisements and collecting the publicity postcards put out by the studio it has been possible to determine that there were at least 22 different actors and actresses associated with the Stock Company. They sometimes used one or more stage names.

Hepworth asserted he had legal rights to many of these stage names, so protecting his investment in them but preventing them from using that stage name if they worked for another company - which led to a very acrimonious lawsuit against Hepworth in later years - which he lost!

Hepworth refused to publicise his stars' private lives, so it is sometimes difficult to ascertain their real names. For example, Gladys Sylvani Smith was also known as "Mary Pickford" and "Alexie Smith" in the 1940s. Tracing the stage name to the real name will occupy us for a while!

The Hepworth Stock Company

Stage Name
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aka Real Name Other Information


Alma Taylor   Alma Taylor see detailed page on this site IMDB
Chrissie White     see detailed page on this site IMDB
Henry Edwards     see detailed page on this site IMDB
Ruby Belasco        
Harry Buss        
Madge Campbell        
Ivy Close     see detailed page on this site

Voted "the most beautiful woman in England"
in the Daily Mirror competition of 1908

Jamie Darling     One of the first Boy Stars  
Marie de Solla        
Alice de Winton        
Eric Desmond        
Harry Gilbey        
Violet Hopson     see detailed page on this site

A major player in the Hepworth Stock Company

Jack Hulcup        
John MacAndres        
Flora Morris        
Cyril Morton        
Constance Worth     see detailed page on this site  
Edward Hay Plumb "Plummie"   Edward Hay Plumb (1883-1960) was an actor in films from 1910, and from 1912 to 1915 was one of Britainís most prolific directors. He returned to activity as actor throughout the 1930s.  
Claire Pridelle        
Reginald Sheffield   Matthew Reginald Sheffield Cassan see detailed page on this site  
Jack Raymond        
Stewart Rome   Wernham Ryott Gifford see detailed page on this site  
Harry Royston        
Gladys Sylvani Mary Pickford
Alexi Smith
  see detailed page on this site IMDB
Alec Worcester   Alexander Howitt Worcester see detailed page on this site - coming soon

(was married to, then divorced from Violet Hopson

Shayle Gardner     see "Coming through the Rye"  
Eileen Dennes     see "Coming through the Rye"  
Henry Ainley        
Lionelle Howard     see detailed page on this site  
Constance Worth     see detailed page on this site  
** NEW**
Victor William Prout
  Victor William Prout

Prout was a talented artist who painted scenery, and appeared in a few films by Cecil Hepworth.
His filmography at IMDb is here

His great grandson is Richard Bielby who would like to know more, especially if any films survive.

** NEW**

Jack Raymond

  Jack Raymond Jack Raymond was a British actor and film director. Born in Wimborne, Dorset in 1886, he began acting before the First World War in "A Detective for a Day".

More information required! Contact us please.

Died: March 20, 1953, London
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 Other actors and actresses (who may or may not have been in the Stock Company) are below

Other Hepworth Actors and Actresses

Stage Name aka Real Name Other Information


Reginald Sheffield       IMDB
Florence Turner        

Hepworth is loosely credited with inventing the "star system" before Hollywood did it.

The compiler is indebted to Fred Lake, long time resident of Walton On Thames and Hepworth scholar, for some of the information on this page.

Can you help? Do you have more information about the events or people on this page? If so, please contact us! Thank you.

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